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Our 55th Class Reunion - Big Bear Lake, California

The 50th reunion was a dress to the Nines, eat till we were full (and then some) and drink to the Tens.  Then dance till we all fell down (or asleep).

The 55th was to say, just a little different.  Two plus days of fun with the always emotional hugs, kisses, handshakes, laughter and of course, tears.  However this time it was a dress it down to "mountain casual" soirée. Held in Big Bear Lake, California at the beautiful Northwoods Resort and the resort's Stillwells Bar and Restaurant.

On Friday, September 15, 2013 with a clear and bright sky, gentle breezes pushing the pine limbs as the American aspens following in concert, we all began to arrive and check in at the hotel and the reunion check-in station. Then, for some strange reason, we all began to converge on Stillwells' bar which didn't disappoint as many of the 80 attendees had already found their way.
 Northwoods Resort
By the time everyone got to their rooms and freshened up, we gathered on the outside deck at 6:00
P.M. for quite conversations, drinks, hosted Hors d'oeuvres and photos.

Your 55th reunion committee had everything in place and a place for everything. With decorations, banners and hotel staff ready and waiting...let the party begin! 

Ken Mummery
introduced the Mayor Pro-Tem, David Caretto who stopped by to welcome the San Bernardino High School Class of 58 to Big Bear Lake. Caretto wished us well, and most of all to have fun in the city. Don Porterfield was taking photos, George Cerny had some good music playing, Diane Stevens Castle and her husband Ken made certain everyone had a name badge, and Pat Lambert Dixon had her feet up resting after weeks of completing the many tasks she was asked to do before this two-day event got started. Thank you Pat, the committee is most appreciative as were our classmates, and George Gardner was handling the last minute check-ins.

Saturday morning and afternoon, September 16th, in Big Bear Lake was perfect and many took the opportunity to see the sights and take in some of the local eateries and shops. The road trip around Big Bear Lake was fun as many took in the lake with its beautiful shimmer from the sun.

As the sun set over the lake, we gathered once again, because "it was party-time", the main ball room of the Northwoods Resort was beautifully attired with red table coverings, black chair covers and white napkins.  The walls were decked out with 50s 45 RPM records (remember those?) and black music-notes. Thank you again PatBill Powers treated us to the video tape made at our 30th reunion (remember that one?) as it played during the evening. Oh, and looking at the 30th reunion video, none of us look any different...

DJ, Bill Baker provided the gathering with entertaining humor, vocals and of course the music we all grew up with. Bill did an outstanding job keeping the reunion moving, to say the least.  Lois Hannah provided several vocals of our favorite songs.

As with our last reunion, Janet Cline Sasaki and her husband Tito provided the toasting wines which welcomed the beginning of your reunion.

The staff at the Northwoods Resort out did themselves with the table presentation and ever willing to help.  The dinner was outstanding.  Couldn't have asked for anything nicer. We had two bars open, not that any of us drink anymore  That is anymore then we have in the past.

55th Reunion Slid Show (iMove)

Sit back and enjoy Don Porterfield's slide show of the our 55th Reunion.  Just click here.

Don did an outstanding production effort which is a must see....thanks Don for your time and talent.

55th Reunion Committee

The Committee wishes to thank Tom Homes for starting the idea of a 55th Reunion and following through with much of the planning. -Thank you Tom.

Your 55th Reunion Committee was made up of Pat Lambert Dixon, Diane Stevens Castle, George Gardner, Gorge Cerny and Ken Mummery.

If you attended the 55th reunion, we would like to hear from you.  Please give us you thoughts, good or bad, ideas for the next, when and where, etc.  Email you comments to

Next Reunion....?

You Class Reunion Committee has been talking about when and where our class should hold the next reunion.  From conversations during the Big Bear Lake reunion most all wished to move foreword in planning our next. Susie Mummery suggested  our next reunion be the 58th Reunion for the Class of 1958. The committee is actively looking into the 58th as the next reunion.  We will be looking for a venue in Southern California with adequate transportation (major airport, buss service, easy access via freeways, etc)  Any ideas?  Send your thoughts to the Webmaster.

Who Attended the 55th.

For a list of who attended from our class, click here.

If you wish to review the web pages and photos, etc. from the 50th Reunion, click here..

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Friday June 27, 2014

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